We are shifting to a virtual meeting space with the goal of providing an engaging and meaningful experience for those who are enthusiastic of the topics despite the crisis we are all facing as a community.

  • On registration, presenters will be asked to submit their full papers.

  • After acceptance notification, presenters will have to submit their recorded presentation videos (maximum by 18th of September 2021) to the committee in anticipation of any hindrance of attending the virtual symposium on the expected date and time.

  • Zoom invitations will be sent by email to all presenters and invited speakers, while also available to be accessed by other participants at Rundown.

The success of our virtual symposium will depend on all of us working together and creating a common space – and purpose – as we build a dynamic, interactive, and inclusive symposium. Several technical arrangements regarding parallel sessions are specified below:

  1. Parallel sessions presenters may choose to play their recorded presentations (maximum duration 9 minutes: 1 minutes to prepare, 7 minutes presentation, and 1 minutes for closing statement) or to present live with the same maximum duration time of 9 minutes.

  2. If presenters are not available during live sessions, comments and questions will be forwarded to their respective emails.

  3. Parallel sessions will be clustered according to symposium topics with each session chaired by one person, assisted by one administrator, and attended by both presenters and participants.

  4. Presenters are invited to check out our submission guide on virtual presentations at HYPERLINK. Please kindly record your files at 720p (i.e. 720 x 1.280 pixels) or 1080p (1080 x 1.920 pixels). Anything higher, such as 2k or 4k resolution, is unnecessary. Save your files as .MP4 or .mov and name them using the format “Parallel Session – your topic – Submission paper ID number – paper title”

  5. If the idea of recording the talk seems a little daunting, you might consider getting someone to help. Many academic departments have students, both graduate and undergraduate, who are surprisingly computer/technology savvy. Some may even have their own video cameras and editing software.

Audience will not be able to access the presentations before the live online sessions (25 to 26 September 2021). Nevertheless, all keynote lectures, parallel sessions, and poster presentations will be recorded and available afterwards.