Dear Authors, below are the steps for submitting your paper to the virtual symposium until your paper is published.

1. Check the available topics for our symposium

2. Choose the available publication output, we provide Proceedings and Book Chapter and Journals in Publication Output.

3. Prepare your manuscript with the template based on your publication output that you have chosen,

4. Register through the online submission There are several important information regarding the online submission process:

  • Please provide at least one reviewer, You may suggest any reviewer as long as it meets the ethics . You may find related journal in your own database and suggest the author as your reviewer. We encourage you to suggest a reviewer who doesn’t from our database symposium in this page (

  • If you can’t register or upload your document through the online submission page, please contact us through email and immediately and we will assist you.

5. You will receive the notification in your email which includes your Manuscript ID, it means that you are successfully registered as a participant. Your paper will be reviewed for 1 up to 14 days. All communication between author and the committee is done through email, so please check your email regularly during the process.

6. In 1-14 days, you will receive a request from us to review your paper which is your first review process. Usually it takes up to second review process but it depends on your manuscript and the reviewers. Each step of review process will take 1-14 days in the reviewers. The author have maximum 7 days to revise the manuscript. The revised manuscript is sent to the committee by replying to the email.

7. We will notify you whether your paper is accepted or declined.

8. If you paper is declined, it might be because:

  • your paper topic doesn’t suit with the publication output that you have chosen. In this case we will suggest you to change the publication output
  • the reviewers reject your paper because of several issues such as plagiarism, the manuscript is not well prepared, or out of topic

9. If your paper is accepted, we will send you the notification and request for additional information for the invoice. Also, you will receive the notification whether you will be presenting in Parallel Oral Presentation format or Virtual Poster format.

10. In 1-2 days you will receive the invoice, therefore you can proceed to the payment.

11. You are required to send us the proof of payment by email. Use this email subject: “Proof of Payments – Presenter – Manuscript ID [insert your manuscript ID here]”

12. In 1-2 days you will receive:

  • Receipt of your payment

  • Notification of Article Acceptance

  • Request for Additional Submission (Presentation Materials)

13. We are requesting you to submit your presentation materials, you will upload all the materials through Google Form (the link will be sent in the email). In upload option, you may upload the material from your computer or from your google drive. As seen below:

Please provides all the materials in 10 days after you receive our request. There are several information regarding the presentation material:

  • The committee will determine whether you will be presenting in Parallel Oral Presentation format or Virtual Poster format, so please consider this to prepare for your presentation materials. All the presentation material will be archived and uploaded

  • Both the Oral and Poster are required to record a video presentation

  • For parallel oral presentation you are required to record the presentation as a video consisting of presenter’s material and voice. For the details check our page Maximum duration for the video is 7 minutes (with additional preparation and a total closing of 9 minutes). Please kindly record your files at 720p (i.e. 720 x 1.280 pixels) or 1080p (1080 x 1.920 pixels). Anything higher, such as 2k or 4k resolution, is unnecessary. Save your files as .MP4 or .mov

  • While, for virtual poster, please check this . Maximum duration for the video is 4 minutes ((with additional preparation and a total closing of 6 minutes). Please kindly record your files at 720p (i.e. 720 x 1.280 pixels) or 1080p (1080 x 1.920 pixels). Anything higher, such as 2k or 4k resolution, is unnecessary. Save your files as .MP4 or .mov

14. In maximum 3 days prior to the virtual symposium, you will receive the Zoom invitation link and the rundown. Please pay attention to your serial number and the approximation time of your presentation.

15. In the day of the virtual symposium, please join the meeting room in Zoom, 15 minutes before the virtual symposium starts. You will be in the waiting room and our operator will let you in if the virtual symposium starts. Please read this basic practice of the virtual symposium During the presentation, you may present it live or using your presentation video. If your connection is unstable our committed will help you to preview your presentation video.

16. You may receive several input from the audience regarding your research. Also, you are allowed to make some improvement in your manuscript. You will have 7 days to fix your manuscript before the last review process.

17. After the review process, we will submit your manuscript to the publisher maximum in end of the October 2021. The final manuscript will be proofreading (free in some payment, however there are some additional payments for certain circles) and Galley Proof of the manuscript will be sent to the Authors by email. Authors request to respond maximum of 3 days after Galley Proof. We will always notify you regarding the process until your paper is successfully submitted.