We realize that a virtual setup of the symposium will not provide the same experience as an onsite symposium. Still, we expect that this will nevertheless lead to new acquaintances and dynamic interaction between the participants. The organizing committee of the Second International Symposium of Earth, Energy, Environmental Science, and Sustainable Development has decided to conduct this event virtually via the Zoom application.

This decision was made after deliberations on:

  1. Sustainability: by reducing waste and greenhouse emissions produced by transportations, accommodations, and leftover food from place-based gatherings
  2. Knowledge accessibility: by breaking barriers and ensuring inclusivity in information sharing
  3. Public health and safety: in accordance with the global pandemic status of COVID-19 and all the health measures implications. Our prayers for all who are either directly or indirectly affected by the crisis.


The symposium consists of keynote lectures, virtual oral presentations, and virtual poster presentations.

  • Our invited speakers will give keynote lectures.
  • Presenters may choose to present their papers as oral or poster presentations.
  • Virtual oral presentations will be held as parallel sessions; while
  • Poster presentations will be displayed during the whole symposium duration.

All programs may be accessed based on “clusters of topics” at Rundown, which will contain information on all virtual events. All symposium participants will have access to a virtual symposium calendar and be able to search for different people, sessions, and posters. We will mobilize social media to share information about the symposium events with all symposium participants and the broader audience.

The virtual symposium will be held on September 25-26, 2021.

  • This will allow us to unfold as much of the symposium program as possible into virtual space while being mindful of different time zones and preparations necessary for online participation.
  • All oral presenters and keynote speakers ought to record and submit their presentations beforehand to anticipate the inability to attend the online live sessions. Nevertheless, on the symposium day, they are allowed to either play their recordings or present live.
  • Since invited keynote speakers live in different time zones, their presentations might likely be recorded ones. However, every performance (both keynote lectures and virtual presentations alike) will be recorded and afterward followed with a live online discussion session.
  • Registration fee includes access to download recorded materials, e-certificate, also live question, and discussion sessions with presenters and speakers.

The accomplishment of our virtual symposium will depend on all of us working together and creating a shared space – and purpose – as we build a dynamic, interactive, and inclusive symposium. The transition happening in the world as we all strive to communicate virtually might be bumpy and likely to have some glitches. We will do our best to extend virtual participation and to smoother the process. Thank you in advance for your tolerance, understanding, and willingness to support us in this experimental and challenging time. Please carefully read the information below to learn how to participate most effectively.