While preparing your submission, please consider following items as your guideline.

  1. The article was written in English (American English) and carefully reviewed by a native English editor.
  2. Please rename your article within this format: “Manuscript_Title of your Manuscript”
  3. Please carefully prepare your files based on the provided templates: title, abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion, conclusion, and references. Make sure that any author information has been excluded in the article file. Pay attention to every detail instruction.
  4. Regarding point number three, based on recommendation from Publisher, the whole Authors must provide the ORCID ID, Institution Email and Non-Institution Email. Or if in the article there are 3 Authors, one of the three authors at least must have one Institution Email besides Non-Institutional Email.
  5. The article for proceeding shall contain 6 pages (maximum), including references. For Book chapter shall contain a maximum of 15 pages. If the article includes more than the maximum pages, the publisher will be charged approximately USD 20 for each additional page.
  6. Please prepare at least one reviewer that might be competent to provide a substantial review to the article.
  7. Please carefully check Ethics section for more guideline on Submission Ethics, Review Ethics, and Similarity Check.
  8. Article that accepted on Oral and Poster Presentation have a same right for publication. Committee will make decision for Accepted Oral and Poster.


Topics Classification

  1. Spatial and Remote Sensing
  2. Geology
  3. Soil and Water Science
  4. Oceanography and Marine Biology
  5. Petroleum and Geothermal Engineering
  6. Mining and Metalurgy Engineering
  7. Disaster Management
  1. Renewable Energy Integration
  2. Nanotechnology Application
  3. Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy Implementation
  4. Life Cycle Assessment
  5. Energy Efficiency
  6. Industrial Ecology
  7. Energy Footprint
  8. Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy
  9. Management, Monitoring, Policy, and Law on Energy
  1. Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research
  2. General Environmental Modelling
  3. Deforestation
  4. Peatland Management
  5. Palm oil Management
  6. Groundwater Remediation
  7. Soil Decontamination
  8. Leachate Treatment
  9. Advanced Waste Water Treatment
  10. Environmental Law and Policy
  11. Environmental Risk Management
  12. Pollution Management
  13. Solid Waste Management
  14. Hazardous Waste Management
  15. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R) Policy
  16. Plastic Pollution
  17. Landscape Ecology
  18. Built Environment
  19. Economic Valuation of Natural Resource
  20. Carbon Pricing
  21. Behavioral Change
  22. Local Wisdom of Environment
  23. Human Ecology
  24. Sustainability across Curriculum
  1. Goal #1: No Poverty
  2. Goal #2: Zero Hunger
  3. Goal #3: Good Health and Well-being
  4. Goal #4: Quality Education
  5. Goal #5: Gender Equality
  6. Goal #6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  7. Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  8. Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  9. Goal #9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  10. Goal #10: Reduced Inequality
  11. Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  12. Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  13. Goal #13: Climate Action
  14. Goal #14: Life Below Water
  15. Goal #15: Life on Land
  16. Goal #16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  17. Goal #17: Partnerships to Achieve the Goal
  1. Corona Virus (COVID-19) Research
  2. Community Engagement for Better Environment

(Please choose the most relevant topic classification of your prepared article.)

Online Submissions Guideline

Before Submitting your Article, please ensure the policies, such as:

  1. Authors can submit the article maximum 8 article with different outputs of each article;
  2. Related to point number one, which is two article as a First Author and other two article as a Second Author, Third Author, and so on; and
  3. For Authors that submit with Oral and/or Poster Presentation has a same right for Publication Plan.
  4. Please refer to this guideline while you submit your Full Text and/or Poster: Download