1. What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an interactive online event that unites a gathering of individuals with comparable interests or skills so they can gain from each other. Like on-site event conferences, they are exceptionally captivating yet happen online as opposed to in a physical location.

All programs may be accessed based on “clusters of topics” at the Rundown menu on our website, which will contain information on all virtual events. All symposium participants will have access to a virtual symposium calendar and be able to search for different people, sessions, and posters. We will mobilize social media to share information about the symposium events with all symposium participants and the broader audience.

You can read more in the virtual symposium within this link: https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/virtual-symposium/.

  1. What platform will be used for the virtual conference?

We will use Zoom Application, hence please make sure you have a Email account to join our virtual conference.

  1. Do you happen to hold an on-site event conference?

Due to the uncertainty of this pandemic, we consider holding this event virtually. There will be no on-site event conference.

  1. What happens once I register as a participant at the conference?

Once you register, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on connecting to the conference.

  1. What happens once I submit my article?

You will receive a confirmation email that your submission is successful and going to be review.

  1. Can I submit more than one article?

Yes. Maximum paper submission for each author depends on the publication output.

  • Proceeding and book chapter will be submitted for inclusion in leading Abstracting and Indexing services, including Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef, Google Scholar
  • Kesmas: Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Nasional (National Public Health Journal)
  • Makara Journal of Science
  • ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement
  • PROUST: Psychological Research on Urban Society

  • Economic and Finance in Indonesia

  • Elkawnie: Journal of Islamic Science and Technology
  • Al Khidmat: Jurnal ilmiah Pengabdian Kapada Masyarakat
  • Journal of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development

  • CSID Journal of Infrastructur Development

  • International Journal of Environmental Science and Management

  • Reswara: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

  • Amalee: Indonesian Journal of Community Research and Engagement
  • Journals under Journal Association of Community Engagement
  1. How many authors for each article can be included?

1 (one) up to 8 (eight) authors with different outputs for each article.

  1. How to choose the suggested reviewer in online submission form?

You may suggest any reviewer as long as it meets the ethics (https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/review-ethics/). You may find related journal in your own database and suggest the author as your reviewer. We encourage you to suggest a reviewer who doesn’t from our database symposium in this page (https://symposiumjessd.ui.ac.id/steering-committee/)

  1. What does it mean for Registration Fees?

This Registration Fees included with Symposium and Publication Fee (Proceeding and Book Chapter only). Authors that choose besides Proceeding and Book Chapter will be free of charge. Decision of your article is being accepted or not is depend on the publisher for each journals.

The registration fee covers one participant only. Multiple authors who are attending must register separately, and those who are not presenting should register as a participant/audience. Also, we give a free of charge if you choose a publication besides Proceeding.

  1. What are the scopus indexed proceedings that will be used for publication?

We have been partnering with the Proceeding and Book Chapter (will be submitted for inclusion in leading Abstracting and Indexing services, including Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef, Google Scholar) to publish articles from this symposium.

  1. How much it cost for the Publication Fees for Scopus indexed proceedings output?

The publication fee will cover additional payment for review, editing, and publication on their website.

  1. How do the authors get a Waiver of the article?

If you need some request regarding waiver of your article, please contact our Organizing Committee within this email: symposium.jessd@ui.ac.id and symposium.jessd@gmail.com with the Subject “Waiver Request”

  1. Are there any waiver for registration fee and publication fee?

Yes, only who choose output with Proceeding and Book Chapter. Registration fees with 1,000,000 (IDR) or 100 (USD) for output besides Proceeding and Book Chapter. If the Authors have no grant that supports their article or research, we charge approximately 40% of the total of waiver payment. And we will give a free of charge of waiver if the Authors cannot afford the payment, but have an excellent quality of the article.

  1. How about publication rights for Authors whose accepted for Oral and/or Poster Presentations?

Authors that accepted for Oral and/or Poster Presentation has the same right for Publication Plan.

  1. Who can participate in the Virtual Conference?

Anyone that has registered for the conference can participate and attend virtually.

  1. Will I have access to the recordings and materials?

All conference sessions will be recorded and posted on this site at the end of the event so that you can view all Virtual Conference sessions at your convenience. The video presentation and poster will be uploaded to our website, also your video presentation will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

  1. What time zone are the sessions shown?

Western Indonesian Time (WIB), UTC +7.

  1. How long does it take for Oral Presentation?

Please prepare 7 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for preparation (total 9 minutes)

  1. How long does it take for Poster Presentation?

Maximum 4 minutes for each poster

  1. How to upload my video presentation and poster presentation

Please provide all the requirements by sending us the email with subject “[your Manuscript ID] Presentation Materials” in 10 days after you received the notification from our team. Please make sure that we can have access to all the materials you provided. Also we would like to ask for your permission to archive your presentation material on the 1st JESSD Symposium website and YouTube channel and the public will be able to access it after the symposium.

  1. How if my article gets accepted yet I cannot present it in live?

All oral presenters ought to record and submit their presentations beforehand to anticipate the inability to attend the online live sessions. Nevertheless, on the symposium day, they are allowed to either play their recordings or present live, afterward followed with a live online discussion session.

  1. How if during my presentation at the conference I get a problem with the internet connection?

We require all authors who get their article accepted to send a presentation video even though the authors choose to present it live. Therefore, if the presenter get connection problem, our team will be presenting your video presentation.

  1. Will I receive a certificate of participation if I only participate virtually?

Yes, all participants will get an e-certificate.

  1. Is there an Agenda for this symposium?

All programs may be accessed based on “clusters of topics” at Rundown which will contain information on all virtual events.

  1. If I withdraw my presentation, can I present the next time the meeting is held?

We encourage your participation in the current JESSD Symposiums. If you are not in a position to participate and would like to withdraw, you may submit to present at a future meeting. Please note, though, that the respective committee will review your submission for decision.

  1. If I withdraw my presentation, will I still have access to watch other presentations?

You may register for the symposiums regardless of your participation as a speaker. However, we encourage you to present and share in JESSD Symposiums.

  1. Could I refund the money for registration?

The money transferred for registration will be non-refundable.

  1. Will virtual presentation count as publication and keep me from submitting to journals?

No, this video upload has never counted as a publication.

  1. Could my tablet or mobile device handle the virtual event?

Most up-to-date tablets and mobile devices are capable of running the virtual event for you, but for better performance, we recommend using laptops or desktop computers.

  1. Why can I hear the video, but I cannot see it?

If your Internet connection is not fast enough, it might cause the video to be disrupted but allow the audio to continue. Check to be sure no other programs or applications are running on your computer.

  1. Whom do I contact for technical help?

Please contact symposium.jessd@ui.ac.id or via WhatsApp (+62 819-3259-2196) for technical help or if you have further questions. If we are not response in 24 hours, please contact within this email: symposium.jessd@gmai.com.